Why choose HiroPool?

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Our Advantage

The HiroPool's greatest advantage is that it doesn't rely on a profitability script to select it's coins. Multipools' common downfall has been mining coins that either do not result in a block being found which ends up being wasted time or mining a coin with "phantom" buy prices.

To prevent this from happening to us, we've decided to make the coin selection and switching decided by us. This means that if we see the opportunity to mine a coin with low difficulty due to an unusually low price for the 24H period we will. This also means that we'll add new coins to our rotation ASAP to have an edge on our competition.

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Most Profitable

Through our current runs we've consistently paid out more HIRO than if we mined HIRO directly over a 24H period.

We know that miners are looking for the most profitable coin to mine so why not have all of the work done for you with our multiport. You'll be getting the most out of your miners while also supporting Hirocoin.

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Support Hirocoin

By mining on the HiroPool you'll be supporting Hirocoin by providing constant demand. If you choose to make voluntary donations you'll be supporting future Hirocoin projects and contests.

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ASIC Friendly

While Hirocoin uses the X11 Algorithm, you'll be able to mine HIRO by connecting to either the SHA 256 or Scrypt port. If you have an ASIC for either algorithm but want to mine Hirocoins the HiroPool allows you to do so.

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