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    Isracoin Multipool
    The most efficient way to mine ISR

Mine the most profitable coins and get paid in Isracoin. Payouts are made every 24 hours.

The Isracoin Multipool is easy to use profitable efficient

Create an Account
Create a Worker
Point to a Multiport
Get Paid in ISR

Our Features

Easy to Use

Follow the 3 step process above and start getting paid.


Mining on the Isracoin Multipool is the most efficient way to get Isracoins.

Payments Every 24 Hours

You'll be able to withdraw you payments in Isracoin every 24 Hours.

Experienced Support

The pool is monitored for any issues and if they occur they will be resolved immediately..

Support Isracoin

The multipool allows for the stabilization of the Isracoin market.

Multiple Algorithms

Multiple Algorithms are supported using the various multiports.

x11: stratum+tcp://isrmultipool.info:4445

Scrypt: stratum+tcp://isrmultipool.info:3335

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